What do we offer?


In our SELF DEFENSE training sessions you will learn to prevent and to defend yourself from street assaults. Your self-esteem and your self-confidence will increase. 

Moreover, you will develop such a good ability and such proper skills that you will be able to fend off any threat or any violent incident. You will learn to anticipate any dangerous attack, use any object as an improvised weapon... And you will keep or begin to be fit in a short period of time! 

Your body needs to learn how to react, instinctively, against violent, extremely stressful and unexpected assaults. Your age and physical condition don't matter. What are you waiting for?

 Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga training sessions are very intense. Pupils learn: dirty street fight techniques for self defense, without rules; react against any threat.

Self Defense

In our Self Defense training sessions we teach how to strike, manipulations, body parts destruction, locks. Besides, you will learn how to use different weapons.

Women's Self Defense

We organise courses and seminars where techniques based on Women's Self Defense are taught and practiced in controlled scenarios. They take place in Madrid (Bodhidharma Gym).