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Bodhidharma gym

Krav Maga and Armed Self Defense Systems

Bodhidharma gym

C/ Moratines, 18-20 (28.005 - Madrid)

WhatsApp: (+34) 657 01 17 14 - English spoken.

Instagram: @kmadefensapersonal 

Frequent asked questions (FAQ)

When and what can I train?

  - On Monday and on Wednesday. From 22:00 until 23:00:

    SELF DEFENSE: Knife Fighting Concept and Panantukan              Concept.

  - On Tuesday and on Thursday. From 22:00 until 23:00:


 Could I train every day?

Sure. In fact, we recommend that our pupils train from Monday to Thursday, as every lesson complement each other. Besides, apart from learning self defense, you will gain agility and get fit. 

How much is it?

The very first lesson is totally free. Check the way we train and then you decide whether it is what you are looking for or it is not. If you decide to train regularly, the fee will depend on how many hours you train weekly. You can ask for more information by sending a message to our WhatsApp number. 

Who is going to train me?

Qualified instructors from the KMA Self Defense Systems Club. Come and meet us. You will love the training sessions!

For more info

If you have any question, send us a text message to our WhatsApp. Thank you.